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St Mark's Place / A gypsy space
Lots of loose cats hangin round
Stray mates
Playin safe
With loads of drugs goin down
Save the date
Shots fired round the globe / Signal the
Outbreak of a brand new brand of
Vietnam's still crankin up / Up
Gettin washed and ready for sup-
Purr- purrrr- purrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
There / Where / The whole world can see
Mom / Dad / Big brother Dave
Little sis / Sittin on the sofa
Watchin a whole family
Take it in the face / But hey!
That's some other place
Simply say grace
Father in heaven / Right up above
Tell the rest of the world
They can shove
Over there / Over there
Let's declare
Keep it there / Over where
They ain't got a prayer
Listen to me / Attentively
Want you to eat
Don't make a peep
Other people's problems are theirs to keep
Martin Luther King
Gunned down
From a roof top in
Memphis town
But hey!
That's Tennessee
Where they wiped out the Cherokee
We're secure / Tucked states away
In a cozy heartland suburb / Where
Fifty feet of grass
Keeps us safe from enemy attacks
Kiddies under cover
Can't sleep
Got to take a peek
OK / Alright
Facts of life / See
Everybody's got rights
So long as they're whites
Those in the know know
Black folks were created to hand out
Towels / Though
They're man enough to fight
Every boy / Even white
Stripped to his skivvies joins
The Army
Better enlist / Before you get drafted
Resist / You're gonna get shafted
Boot camp
Stamp! Stamp!
Teach these smart-ass brats
A lesson in civics
No recess / Until after
The President's address
Salute / The Commander-In-Chief
Squirmin in his seat
I will not seek / Hell No!
Nor will I accept
We won't go!
My party's nomination for
58,128 of our boys dead
And more / Spent
A hundred fifty billion
For a dirty little war
He cannot win
From the halls of Montezu-U-ma
To the shores of TRIP-o-li
We will fight our country's ba-A-tles
Mired in the mud
Hup! Hup!
Hut to hut / Except for Tet
From high in the skies / B-52s will
Bomb these slanty-eyed gooks into
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