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For decades ago Hyde Farms raised prize
The stables and meadows where
Race horses once grazed / Now abound
With quarter acre tracts of flat
Occupied by waves of invading
With Hugo the only Hyde left / Last scion
From a fine family / He abides
Barricaded behind
The New York Times
Tapping out something
Indecipherable / With
Demonic intensity
The sight of / The fright of
Huge Hugo Hyde
Doesn't prevent these three
Neighborhood kids from
Snooping / No
They're merciless
They chide him / Deride him
Rattle the handle / Scatter when
Hugo comes hollering after
"Leave! / Leave me alone / I own
My own home!"
Laugh / They mock
Since Hugo's so slow / Up
Out of his chair / Fat
Can't get passed
The door / The dog
Too old it can barely ru-roof
Cats / Legions of which recline
Supine / Stretch / Scratch
Upon stacks / Of
The New York Times
Combined with a stench / That pervades the
Balustrade outside / Though
Hugo's safe / Enclosed within a
Thick case / A
Why / Why
Do these kids taunt him so / Try to
Flush him out
See what Hugo Hyde's made of
Flesh / No bone
Hand to mouth his existence
Rest and digest
Age indeterminate
Occupation none / Yet
The Victorian's balustrade porch
There's war / There's more
Those coping with loss
A mortgage / No job
New babe on the way
An emergency room visit
Though Hugo Hyde's immensely
He pays cash for the delivery man's
The kids / They creep upon the
Balustrade porch / Catch
Hugo dozing
Contentedly sprawled across his leather
Dog too / The cats
Kids could care less / They
Bang on the panes
"Hugo / Fat Hugo"
They cry / Run off
Hugo's so startled he stays awake
Day and nightmares / Plays
Hide and get sought / Awaits the next
If their creeping and peeping aren't
Punishment enough
Come Halloween / Three masked marauders
Rattle the knob
Cats go ballistic
The dog ru-roofs
Hugo tries / Struggles to rise
To rise too late to
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